Runners for the table.


LOVELY Red - 47 x 150 cm

LOVELY Off white 47 x 150 cm


MISTY Meadow - 47 x 150 cm

MISTY Cloudy - 47 x 150 cm


  • Wash at maximum 60 ºC with mild washing powder and similar colours.
  • Tumble dry gentle (do not mix with towels or other items, linen is likely to leave a lint).
  • Linen produces some lint the first few washes. Ironing once will reduce that. 
  • Best way to store linen is to roll it up instead of folding.


Lovely Linen


The linen in the collections from LOVELY and MISTY have a rustic and modern look and fits perfect in the home environment. The MISTY collection is a bit finer in the structures and also a bit softer in the color scheme.


Both LOVELY and MISTY are very soft and comfortable and you can mix and match the collections. The colours and structures matches easily.



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