"In the small coastal village of Ratan in Västerbotten, with the sea and nature and the cultural-historical environment as sources of inspiration, I create my cold process soaps. I manufacture them in old-fashioned craftsmanship, but with renewed knowledge and with natural and organic raw materials"

Malin Lindmark, CEO & founder of Malin I Ratan 


  • All materials are ecological certified
  • The products consist of vegetable oil and fat oil (no palm oil)
  • Unscented or with mild scent of organic essential oils
  • Color and texture comes from clay and organic herbs 

The soaps from Malin i Ratan can be used for almost all cleaning. They are very gentle so that they can be used on face, hands and body and also as shaving soap or shampoo/conditioner. And it fits lovely for adults as well as children, but also for animals.


Malin i Ratan is a small manufacture of handcrafted organic soaps for skin, hair and home. The soaps are created from organically grown oils and the main ingredients is cold-pressed Swedish rap seed oil.

Some soaps are adapted so that they will fit extra well as shampoo, shaving, scrubbing or as household soaps. The recommendation is to store the soaps either hanging or laying airy.  


"Handmade ECO Soap is so much more that just a soap. It will give you a smooth skin, fresh scalp, natural hair and a calm, environmentally friendly home". 


Photo cred: Malin i Ratan  (top image & bottom image)