Lovely Linen is a Swedish company that produces linen products since 1992. The inspiration & ambition for the company, is to help to create vibrant, warm and personal homes with their textiles”. 


The company produces rustic beautiful textiles. All of 100 % natural linen. 


Lovely Linen is creative and produces new collections, new colors and new products continuously. The company only works with European linen & European producers, to ensure high quality. 

In June 2018, Lovely Linen initiated a process to remove all plastic packaging

Linen has many advantages. For example, linen…
- is a durable textile and over the years it just becomes more beautiful. 
- d
ries quick
- r
ejects dirt
- doesn’t 
create static electricity
- absorbs
 moister well, releases it quickly and dries quick
is biodegradable & recyclable