Ossoami & Barnbarn are looking for test families for the super durable world record Ossoami jeans!

Ossoami & Barnbarn are looking for test families for the super durable world record Ossoami jeans!


Do you have children that permanently wears out their denim jeans on the knees? After just a couple of times using a pair of jeans they are worn out and/or have holes on the knees? Well then, you might be the right person to test the Ossoami jeans. Also, you are for sure the customer for this brand!


Ossoami is a Swedish brand producing the strongest kids jeans in the world. The concept was launched in 2013 in Sweden and is now on it’s way entering the German market.


What are we looking for?

Are you interested to test the Ossoami jeans? Then this is what we are looking for:

1) 3-4 families that has children that heavily are wearing out their jeans, especially at the knees. Doesn´t matter if it is a girl or a boy. All Ossoami pants are unisex and fit both boys and girls.

2) You are living in Germany

3) Your child tries the jeans out from now on (after we have selected test families) until school start around the beginnin of September.

4) We would need that you document following. - image of the jeans before the firts use - images of the pants let´s say every third week - comments about how your child like the jeans, how you as a parent experience them, how often your child wears them, how often they are washed, maybe you can compare with other jeans. - send the documentation to us - you are of course free to share your comments on Instagram, Facebook etc- - we would like to be able to use your comments and images in for example social medias


The jeans models that will be offered for testing are the big sellers and most popular models:





And the trousers you can of course keep after the test!


Contact us at service@barnbarn.de and tell us a bit about why you would like to test the Ossoami jeans. You can write to us in German or English.



BARNBARN will soon have Ossoami in stock, both online and at the store in Hamburg. 



The story behind Ossoami and the Ossoami jeans

Ossoami is a Swedish brand launched in 2013, designing and producing jeans with extreme durability at the knees. Why does a pair of Ossoami jeans have a longer durability and are stronger than other jeans?


Well, the story behind was that the founder Linda always had a big pile of jeans that she tried to meand and fix. It was time comsuming and she contstantly had to purchase new trousers. She didn’t like the fact that she wasted time and money. And worst of all – That she contributed to the overconsumption that has a terribly bad inpact on our environment.


Linda had a long experience from the fashion industry and decided to create jeans that can stand the wear and tear that children actually expose them to – She founded Ossoami. Ossoami produces the first Cordura®-jeans for children in the world. Cordura® is patented fibre technics that is wellknown for it’s extreme durability against abrasion. It has been used for 50 years in ie workwear, mc-clothes, uniforms and parachutes. The Corduradenim that Ossoami uses is just as soft and looks exactly like any regular denim. It’s just more than 15 times stronger!




Result from a abrasion resistance test made in Sweden. 



The test was carried out in 2015 by Swerea IVF Testlaboratorium in Sweden using a standardised test method. 


This material is supplied by Ossoami. For questions about the result and the test please contact the sales person in Sweden, Maria Gepertz at:








Mingo Kids @amummyslife

This is a blog that you need to follow if you are into family life, the life of a mum, children´s wear and interior. Lovely Isabella is since a couple of years running a blog and also an very liked Instagram account where she shares things from her life in Berlin. Here her cute daughter is wearing a this seasons most popular dress from Mingo Kids. Check out the dress HERE!


And also, you need to check out AMummysLifes Instagram account and also the BLOG.


Have a lovely evening out there! 


Wawa-cph. New brand in store!


New in store. Little Man Happy.

We are so happy that Little Man Happy found our store. And that we found Little Man Happy. Since some time we have been looking for a fun, cool, trendy german kidswear brand. Little Man Happy is from Berlin and they deliver items with clear shapes and graphic elements combined with eco-friendly materials.


Designer behind the brand is Ivonne. After her education in 2004 she worked for various high fashion labels in design. Back in Berlin she shared her experiences in the fields of design and illustrations at the Art School of Fashion ESMOD. “High fashion always means highest quality standards. 


Little Man Happy has a child-friendly, minimalist-inspired style and brings a smile to your face. 





Unicorn fever.

MINI RODINI comes with this lovely print for this summer. Unicorns all over. And we love it!


t i n y  c o t t o n s. ss17. summer is soon here!

The spring and summer collection from t i n y  c o t t o n s  is finally in the store. Check out the lovely "moujik" print. A very happy collection. 



NEW IN STORE! We are happy to present Meri Meri in our store. Meri Meri makes fun, pretty, playful, colourful and glamorous accessories and deco for kids. A perfect little gift or something for the party. Meri Meri has something for everyone. 


Sleept tight.

Looking for a nice sleeping bag? We are now proud to present our cooperation with the Hamburg based company Smilly & Fips. All there sleeping bags are produced in Germany with a lot of love and care. You can either get a sleeping bag with cotton filling or with down for the colder times of the year. 


All sleeping bags has one outer colour/pattern and another on the inside. For the girls you can choose a ribbon at the waist. 





Ebbe interview





For the small baby girls.

Light linen blouse for baby girls. Perfect for warm summer days. And so cute. 

#blouse #linen #baby #girls #childrenswear #kidswear #hamburg #_barnbarn #summer 

Breakfast time.

Breakfast time at Newport. Great start. 
#breakfast #hamburg #othmarschen 

Rain, sun & warm weather.

Today we have all possibly weather here. Sun, rain, thunder, warm, windy. But we still sit outside and enjoy some new flowers. 

Summer outfit.

Like candy. Tutu skirt and a powdery pink t-shirt from Bonheur de jour Paris and sandals from Pompom in gold. The skirt is of course perfect in the summer but a tutu skirt could be worn all year around. Independently from the colour, just match with the top. 


This is an outfit cute as candy.


rock - sandalen - kindermode - kinderbekleidung 


Now in store! One We Like & Acne Jr

NOW. FINALLY. We can launch the One We Like & ACNE Jr collection and collaboration. Check out these three designs. The Button dress & the sweatshirt Bambu and Chester. WE LOVE!!! 


Special Edition! One We Like & ACNE JR in collaboration


"Prints" is a collaboration between Acne JR and One We Like. Acne JR - a toy brand sprung out of the creative collective ACNE - creates playful and top quality objects for children of all ages. Now their imagination comes to life on One We Likes classic styles in organic cotton. Just like it!


"Prints" is a special and limited edition!!


We are lucky to get the hands on three different items from this special edition. Dress HIPP Buttons is like a combination of a sweatshirt and a dress. Dressy without loosing an everyday relaxed feel. Here in supercool grey melange fabric with button print.  Sweatshirt with a cool green bambu print & sweatshirt Chester Grey with the typical ACNE JR icon/symbol.   




Products available:

Dress HIPP Buttons in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Bambu Sweat shirt UNISEX:  8,10, 12,14

Sweatshirt Grey ACNE JR icon print UNISEX : 2, 4, 6, 8




16.4 - Candy bar mingle

Welcome to our Candybar-event! Nathalie, the candybar expert from “Schön muss es sein” , has built a dream of candy, sweets and pasteries right in the middle of our shop. For all small kiddos there will be sweets to taste and for the parents we will make sure that there is something sparkling in the glasses.


We would love to see you popping by the store. Have a chat with Nathalie about Candybars, brows around in the store and look at all spring- and summer news and just enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon.


Place: Barnbarn, Beslerplatz 11


Date:  16..4.2016

Time: 13.00 – 15.00


This event is arranged by Barnbarn & Schön muss es sein.





PS. You can already now have a sneakpeak at the Candybar. It stands in our shop window.



Tocoto Summer

The lovely summer collection from Tocoto Vintage has finally landed in the store. This is clothing to fall in love with. Linen blouses, linen pants, bloomers for the small ones, sweatshirts. Bright colors that are easy to mix and match. 




Pure romance. 

Louise Misha is pure romance when it comes to clothing. The colours, the fabrics, the cuts. All girls loves the cute dresses, tops, shoes, shorts, pants and accessories from this brand. And we do as well. 


New things in now in store. 


Crazy socks. 

These socks for sure brings a smile to your face. New in from Braveling. Crazy, happy sock for your feet. 




Gosoaky is here. 



We now got the first drop from GOSOAKY and to start with we got capes and rain suits for the smaller children. Also a lovely back pack. Very soon we will also have jackets and pants for the bigger children. 





Amsterdam, January 2016 – Let the rain begin. GOSOAKY, a brand new Dutch label is ready for any storm. The time has come for exceptional rainwear of high quality. Rainwear that will stay put in all whirlwinds, which is always 100% waterproof; keeping the young ones dry and warm. From now on it’s carefree expeditions and adventures, even in the rain. With this raingear at your side, you can ensure that your kid will be waterproof in just an instance, no fuss. Let’s love the rain in a stylish way.


GOSOAKY mixes contemporary trends with quality and comfort. The first GOSOAKY collection is made for kids aged one till fourteen and comes with filled and unfilled raincoats, pants, capes, toddler coveralls and even a backsack for little travellers. From the end of January 2016 the collection will be available in carefully selected stores throughout Europe and via www.gosoaky.com.


The GOSOAKY team isn’t afraid of a bucket or two (or ten). Johanna Carlier, one of the GOSOAKY founders sees rain as a great opportunity for a party. But let’s keep the party stylish, dry and of course, comfortable. “Our grown-up minds have turned the rain into a cold, wet burden. But when placing yourself in the perspective of a child, a storm is the perfect setting for an adventure, stomping and jumping through the puddles.” The raincoat: a new ‘eye catcher’


This season GOSOAKY presents a new interpretation of the classic raincoat. Not only functional and waterproof, but a real fashion item. An ultimate garment to wear to any occasion. GOSOAKY rainwear always contains taped seams, waterproof materials and sealed zips. All teamed up with beautiful details, making this waterproof gear truly stand out. The collection comes in ́vibrant yellow ́, ́wrought iron ́, ́light pink ́, ́loden green ́ and ́striped all over ́. All items can be combined perfectly with other kid’s clothing brands.


GOSOAKY loves penguins. These dashing dressers and their environment need some serious attention. That’s why the brand supports the ́World Wide Fund for Nature’ in Antarctica. By buying a GOSOAKY item, you contribute to making the penguin-world a better place. GOSOAKY loves people too. That’s why the brand makes sure that the people who are involved in manufacturing the products do this in a human friendly way by only working with carefully selected and certificated suppliers.


Let ́s GOSOAKY! 




Design Letters.

New in are these lovely products.. DESIGN LETTERS. Design Letters is a danish brand that has a line called Design Letters Kids with typography from Arne Jacobsen. You will wind cups with letter - all from A to Z, plats, cutlery and snack plates. This is the perfect little gift or just get one for your own kid with the letter that match the name of your of your son/daugheter.



WOP WOP! A reason to celebrate. BARNBARN was chosen by ELLE CITY as Top-Addresse-2016. Being seriously proud here in my store. 


Denim. Denim. Denim. 

New bag and pencil case in denim. Perfect for school, a trip or for sports. Dark blue and robust. The bag in army style. From Ebbe Kids. 


Clothes for the smallest 

Just arrived. Like small bon bons. Clothes for the smallest. New collection from My Little Cozmo. Bodies, tank tops, sweat shirts, t-shirt... So adorable. 


First drop from Miss Chips

We just got the first drop from Miss Chips. Lovely color and fabric combinations. This collection has it all. All from a summary, cool, romantic and cool look. Its all about how you combine it. 


Cashmere luxury! 

We are waiting for our first item from Rock the goat. Rock the goat is a new Swedish brand that designs and makes Cashmer products for kids and teenagers. Pur luxury. We will get 2 of their creations this autumn and if you like it - as much as we do - you will see more of this brand later on. 


The designs are made in Sweden but the production is made in Italy. All for getting the best quality. 


Check out the Poncho and the cool Camo jumper


t i n y  c o t t o n s 

Soon we will be able to offer you this lovely brand from Spain. t i n y  c o t t o n s has clothing in crispy clear colors, in unisex models, for kids in the age of 3 months up to 8 years. We would say clothes that makes you happy and we can not wait until it arrives. We will keep you updated. 


Featured in AMUMMYSLIFE blog

We are so happy to be featured in AMUMMYSLIFE-blog. The blog is created by Isabelle who lives in Berlin and she made a visit in our store last week and what a lovely article that came out. 


You can follow AMUMMYSLIFE- blog here or why not follow her in Instagram or Facebook. 


Welcome to the store for Lucia celebration

Celebrate Lucia with us on the 12th of December. Lucia is one of the most important traditions in Sweden, alongside for example Mid-summer. Lucia is an ancient mythical figure and she comes with the light in the dark Swedish winters.

I am Swedish and this is one of the traditions that I love the most with Christmas time. During the 13th of December 
candlelit Lucia processions is seen all over in Sweden. In churches, kindergartens, marketplaces... The Lucia, with candles in the hair, comes first in the procession followed by the handmaidens that carries the candles in their hands. It´s a big honour to be elected to be the Lucia. But for the smaller children all that wants can of course be Lucia. Or a handmaiden, a star boy, a gingerbread men or a Santa. 

At this occasion we eat the typical saffron bun "Lussekatt". They are shaped like cats with raisin eyes. And katt means cat in Swedish. We also drink glögg (a bit like the German Glühwein) that warms nicely colder days. 

We would like to invite you to the BARNBARN-store on the Saturday the 12th for Glögg & Pepparkakor & Lucia songs. And if we are lucky we will also find a Lucia.  

Place: Beselerplatz 11
Date: Saturday 12th of December (so we kick Lucia of one day earlier). 
Time: 13.00 -16.00 




Join our BLACK FRIDAY sale. We start at 00.01 on the 27.11 and continues until midnight 00.59 (27.11). We hope you find something you like. Maybe a little Christmas gift, something for a friend

or an item that you wanted to have for some time and finally was offered at a really nice price.

So look out for the link that will take you to the goodies. At the top menu. At midnight. Don´t be late. 


House shoes from Donsje

New in this week are these booties from DONSJE. In the assortment you find everything from a cuter, softer look like the PINA Light or Star. Both for boys and girls. Also the funny animal booties is a keeper. For a cooler look check out the booties in Zebra- and Dalmatin look. 

Perfect your own little kiddo, for a friend or as a Christmas gift. 


Lacking Christmas gift ideas? We have some. 

Did you start thinking about what to buy for Christmas? The gifts. Any idea? If not we have collected some things that we think is very nice. In different price classes in everything from toys, interior, clothing and shoes. Have a look in our CHRISTMAS STORE and get some inspiration. 

If you order online please think about doing that in time. Even if Santa Claus is working very hard to make sure that all those little kiddos get their presents in time...

We will have the store at Beselerplatz in Hamburg open all December and also on the 24th for those late shoppers. 


Crazy, funny tights and leggings

Look at these! Aren´t they just gorgeous. These tights and leggings comes from the UK based company BRAVELING. Playful, crazy but still stylish. And very creative. Go get!


New young designer from Kassel

Sophia Schneider-Esleben is a new young designer from Kassel. She just started up her business and we are happy to be able to offer two of her fantastic creations. A dress and a skirt that will fit perfect during Christmas- and New Years time. Fabric in lovely soft colors and here animal- and forest print in white and gold on a light grey/brown tone. 


Sophia produces on demand. That means that she make all by hand and that from order until you get your wonderful dress/skirt it might take a week. So for Christmas time make sure you are on time.


Pleas write us at service@barnbarn.de if you have any question about the dress & the skirt. 


Christmas in red

Did you get your little darling a Christmas outfit? If not we have the absolutely right dresses and skirts for her from How to kiss a frog. 


Christmas gift ideas

Starting to think about Christmas gifts? This wooden  - and HANDMADE - toy is perfect for any small boy or girl. Hanjo, the owner of HABE Design, from Hamburg, makes every little piece by hand. Therefore the are all unique. The cars are very stable and would last for a long time. So if you are looking for a toy made with love....then this is the one. 


The popular MILK-collection

As the MILK-collection from CARLINJQ is so popular we have now added long-sleeved t-shirts with the MILK-print. A perfect little gift for a newborn and for Christmas. 


New bags from Tellkiddo

In timer for Christmas we have got new fabric bags from TELLKIDDO. The new patterns are the "ABC"-bag and the "Pleather" bag. And the absolutely adorable Christmas bag "It Might Be Toys". Isn´t that the perfect Christmas sack for Santa Claus. 


Cosy blanket from Repose.Ams

We just got these lovely blankets from Repos.Ams. They are in lambswool and comes in colours that fits great for autumn and winter. Perfect for the baby bed, in the stroller or perfect when you cuddle up on the sofa.  Repose Ams was founded in 2014 and is based in Amsterdam. 


Repose means peace, tranquillty, calm and silence and that fits their philosophy perfectly. A multi functional knitted lambswool blanket for the little ones. 1 design, simple, comfortable and pure in 5 intense colours.


Nice little gift for a friend that got a baby, for yourself or as a Christmas gift.


"Pimp up" the house shoes

House shoes for babys and toddlers doesn´t have to be boring. But we know how difficult it is to find cool, fun and different house shoes for the small ones. So after some search we found the lovely relatively new brand Pom Pom from Denmark. Check out these shoes for that both small fashionistas and cool boys can wear. Some gold for the girls and zebras for the boys. 

During upcoming week we will refill the sizes as we couldn´t get as many as we wanted due to high demand. So if you are interested in a shoe and the size is not there right now - just send us an e-mail (service@barnbarn.de) and ask us to reserve or order it specially for you. 


Flamenco  & Fringe

We have now restocked the lovely Flamenco dress from Mouse in a House and at the same time we got a new product from the same brand, the fringe tunica. Super cool and perfect all year around. With leggings, stockings or denim pants and summer just with bare legs. 


Home accessories for the kids room

Hand made home accessories for the kids room. Directly from Holland comes wooden tents with various prints and also mobiles to hang above the baby crib or on the wall. A perfect little gift for a friend who got a little one or for your own kiddos room. PUURRR is the brand the products are created and produced by Monique in her studio in Amsterdam. 


The "must-have" this autumn

This is the coolest knit wear or jacket for this autumn. It comes from Tocoto Vintage and we just love it. If it was available in grown up size we would have got one for our selves. Big love! 


Get a bad ass sweatshirt

CarlijnQ is a new brand from Holland with bold prints. The MILK Collection has bodys and legging and the new collection AWESOMENESS has a cocky line with fun text. Check out the Bad ass sweatshirt. Or why not the Awesome and Dreamer sweat.



Autumn jackets before the cold hits

Difficulties to find that perfect in-between-jacket? That fits a cold sommer day, in the spring and in the autumn. Mouse in a house has a lovley jacket that comes in light grey and light brown. With its a bit wider cut you can also add a thick jumper or a the sweat coat from the same brand and you are fit for the colder days. Kids on the moon has a jacket in pale rose and light grey...almost silver to be honest. For those who dare. It has a 3/4 arm so when a bit chilly we would recommend to wear a longer glove or knitwear. 

Two absolutely adorable design from two Polish brands. All products are produced in Poland and has a very good quality. 


Danish design

CHRISTINA ROHDE is a danish brand who dates back to 1991. Christina a true pioneer in Scandianvian style in childrens wear. She creates a classic style but still has a bold design. The brand differentiates and has a clear language and edge. The collection contains baby wear up till 14 years - for girls. This is a brand to fall in love with. 


Vouchers by BARNBARN

Now you have the possibilities to purchase a Voucher for a friend by BARBNBARN. A perfect gift for the friend who just got a new born, a birthday or for Christmas. 

We offer different values that you easily can use by shopping in our store at Beselerplatz or online. 



AUTUMN IS HERE! And we have filled out our store with rain boots in all different shapes and colors. This is the Baby Flac model from AIGLE a boot for the smallest. Comes in the sizes 19-23. We also have boots for the bigger kids - Woody Pop - in dark green and dark blue. 

A fun rain boot is the AIGLE Star that is covered with stars and the stars changes color when the boot get wet.

BISGAARD is another brand we now can offer. Check out the Zebra, Yellow and Bubblegum pink boots. 


Dress warm

Lovely beanies and scarfs from Louise Misha has just arrived in the store. With these all girls will look wonderful pretty and still keep warm those cold autumn- and winter days. 

The hats comes in two sizes. The scarf is a long one size.