10 facts about Marble

- Marble comes from the Greek word “marmar” and means “to glisten” or “shining stone”.

- Marble is one of the most durable stones in the world. 

- Marble is used for other purposes that building and furniture. For example, in some cultures the fine marble powder was used as toothpaste and glue. 


- Marble is unique. No marble piece has the same pattern. 


- Some Egyptian pyramids are covered in marble and thousands of years many pyramids was gleaming white.


- “Faux marble” is a wall painting technique. It’s a way to imitate the color and the patterns of real marble. 


- The Taj Mahal of India is made entirely using marble stone.


- Marble is resistant against heat and is therefore often used (in interior) in hot climates to cool down rooms. 


Photo cred: Be Home