Why I love linen

I love linen products for many reasons. I think it looks great. The colored linen has a fantastic depth and the fabric feels great and it has a liveliness that brings warmth and coziness. Imagine a Christmas set table, with a warm red colored table cloth. Inviting, warm and calm at the same time.

Except the look and the feel, there are many reasons why falling in love with this textile. 

But first, what is linen? 
Linen is made by flax. Flax is the raw material that comes from the flax plant. From the flax, threads are made and out of the thread, linen fabric is created. 

The main production of flax comes today from China, Poland, the Baltic states, Belarus and Holland.

Environmental benefits with linen 
Flax don’t need warm weather to grow good quality. In fact, the weather conditions should be mild and humid. The colder weather, the risk is also limited to get insects that harms the crop. Also meaning, less need of pesticides.

Flax also needs less watering and can grow well on soil that can´t be used for food production. 

So, there are several environmental gains from purchasing linen. Long lifetime in combination with the advantages in the production. 

Fabric for the next generation  
Linen is very durable and strong, and the fabric gets better over time. In many households there are linen in the cupboards that comes from grandma. So, if you take care of your linen, you can use it for a long time.  

The texture of the fabric will change over time. It will get softer and shinier. After some time, it will feel smooth like silk. 

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A fabric that is nice to wear, to sleep in and to use in the household
Linen fabric is nice to wear in warmer weather as it absorbs humidity and breaths well. That is also why it’s perfect as bed linen. I love my bed linen and I sleep much better. It also has a very nice luxury feel to it.

The absorption effect is also great for linen towels. Some might protest and say that they used linen towels and they were the opposite, not good in absorbing. If you use a linen product, that is new, never used, the raw fibers are covered with a wax layer. This wax layer will prevent the capacity of absorbing the liquid. But in fact, this fabric can absorb up to 20% of its own weight before even feeling wet. 

Another advantage is that it´s not elastic, so the fabric will not change in form. 

Stay free of the fur beetle! The not so pleasant attagenus pellio, a small fur beetle or carpet beetle, can damage stored products like fur, leather, and textile. Again, the linen has an advantage. These insects do not really like linen, so your old tablecloth from grand ma is safe!! 

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Image cred: Lovely Linen