Purchase a voucher for a friend. Perfect gift for a birthday, a new born or christmas.  

We offer different values and you can then use them in the store by shopping. Please choose between the values 20, 50, 100 & 200 €. 

We send you the voucher by post. 


Using the Voucher by shopping:

If you like to use your voucher by shopping please do as following:

1) By checking out of the choose "Payment in Advance" or "Pick-up in store".

2) Send us an e-mail at following address - service@barnbarn.de - and inform us that you would like to use your voucher and state the voucher number that are noted on your personal voucher. 

3) We then send your parcel as with a normal delivery or if you prefer to pick up your parcel in out store. 

If you do not purchase for the full amount of the voucher we will keep note of how much value the voucher still has so that you can use it again later. We do not return money for the sum that might be left on a voucher. 

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