Ossoami & Barnbarn are looking for test families for the super durable world record Ossoami jeans!

Ossoami & Barnbarn are looking for test families for the super durable world record Ossoami jeans!


Do you have children that permanently wears out their denim jeans on the knees? After just a couple of times using a pair of jeans they are worn out and/or have holes on the knees? Well then, you might be the right person to test the Ossoami jeans. Also, you are for sure the customer for this brand!


Ossoami is a Swedish brand producing the strongest kids jeans in the world. The concept was launched in 2013 in Sweden and is now on it’s way entering the German market.


What are we looking for?

Are you interested to test the Ossoami jeans? Then this is what we are looking for:

1) 3-4 families that has children that heavily are wearing out their jeans, especially at the knees. Doesn´t matter if it is a girl or a boy. All Ossoami pants are unisex and fit both boys and girls.

2) You are living in Germany

3) Your child tries the jeans out from now on (after we have selected test families) until school start around the beginnin of September.

4) We would need that you document following. - image of the jeans before the firts use - images of the pants let´s say every third week - comments about how your child like the jeans, how you as a parent experience them, how often your child wears them, how often they are washed, maybe you can compare with other jeans. - send the documentation to us - you are of course free to share your comments on Instagram, Facebook etc- - we would like to be able to use your comments and images in for example social medias


The jeans models that will be offered for testing are the big sellers and most popular models:





And the trousers you can of course keep after the test!


Contact us at service@barnbarn.de and tell us a bit about why you would like to test the Ossoami jeans. You can write to us in German or English.



BARNBARN will soon have Ossoami in stock, both online and at the store in Hamburg. 



The story behind Ossoami and the Ossoami jeans

Ossoami is a Swedish brand launched in 2013, designing and producing jeans with extreme durability at the knees. Why does a pair of Ossoami jeans have a longer durability and are stronger than other jeans?


Well, the story behind was that the founder Linda always had a big pile of jeans that she tried to meand and fix. It was time comsuming and she contstantly had to purchase new trousers. She didn’t like the fact that she wasted time and money. And worst of all – That she contributed to the overconsumption that has a terribly bad inpact on our environment.


Linda had a long experience from the fashion industry and decided to create jeans that can stand the wear and tear that children actually expose them to – She founded Ossoami. Ossoami produces the first Cordura®-jeans for children in the world. Cordura® is patented fibre technics that is wellknown for it’s extreme durability against abrasion. It has been used for 50 years in ie workwear, mc-clothes, uniforms and parachutes. The Corduradenim that Ossoami uses is just as soft and looks exactly like any regular denim. It’s just more than 15 times stronger!




Result from a abrasion resistance test made in Sweden. 



The test was carried out in 2015 by Swerea IVF Testlaboratorium in Sweden using a standardised test method. 


This material is supplied by Ossoami. For questions about the result and the test please contact the sales person in Sweden, Maria Gepertz at:







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