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We now got the first drop from GOSOAKY and to start with we got capes and rain suits for the smaller children. Also a lovely back pack. Very soon we will also have jackets and pants for the bigger children. 





Amsterdam, January 2016 – Let the rain begin. GOSOAKY, a brand new Dutch label is ready for any storm. The time has come for exceptional rainwear of high quality. Rainwear that will stay put in all whirlwinds, which is always 100% waterproof; keeping the young ones dry and warm. From now on it’s carefree expeditions and adventures, even in the rain. With this raingear at your side, you can ensure that your kid will be waterproof in just an instance, no fuss. Let’s love the rain in a stylish way.


GOSOAKY mixes contemporary trends with quality and comfort. The first GOSOAKY collection is made for kids aged one till fourteen and comes with filled and unfilled raincoats, pants, capes, toddler coveralls and even a backsack for little travellers. From the end of January 2016 the collection will be available in carefully selected stores throughout Europe and via www.gosoaky.com.


The GOSOAKY team isn’t afraid of a bucket or two (or ten). Johanna Carlier, one of the GOSOAKY founders sees rain as a great opportunity for a party. But let’s keep the party stylish, dry and of course, comfortable. “Our grown-up minds have turned the rain into a cold, wet burden. But when placing yourself in the perspective of a child, a storm is the perfect setting for an adventure, stomping and jumping through the puddles.” The raincoat: a new ‘eye catcher’


This season GOSOAKY presents a new interpretation of the classic raincoat. Not only functional and waterproof, but a real fashion item. An ultimate garment to wear to any occasion. GOSOAKY rainwear always contains taped seams, waterproof materials and sealed zips. All teamed up with beautiful details, making this waterproof gear truly stand out. The collection comes in ́vibrant yellow ́, ́wrought iron ́, ́light pink ́, ́loden green ́ and ́striped all over ́. All items can be combined perfectly with other kid’s clothing brands.


GOSOAKY loves penguins. These dashing dressers and their environment need some serious attention. That’s why the brand supports the ́World Wide Fund for Nature’ in Antarctica. By buying a GOSOAKY item, you contribute to making the penguin-world a better place. GOSOAKY loves people too. That’s why the brand makes sure that the people who are involved in manufacturing the products do this in a human friendly way by only working with carefully selected and certificated suppliers.


Let ́s GOSOAKY! 



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