The total eclipse. 

Kids on the moon’s autumn and winter collection is all about minimalistic silhouettes, strong contours and contrasting tones. The sky gets dark as the Moon moves in front of the Sun – TOTAL ECLIPSE is here. As the light is obscured the colours are limited to monochromatic tones - blacks, greys and powdery pinks. Full-bodied quilted jackets and vests, ombre denim dresses and skirts, geometrical tops cast shadows and play with our vision. Look closer. Close your eyes. Enjoy afterimages. Brand-new prints premiere this season for the moon girls and boys.

New accessories – bags and pillows enter the autumn scene. Kids on the moon manoeuvres somewhere between waking and sleeping, between shadow and light. Fabrics include high quality jerseys, denims, and ortalion whereas Kids on the moon’s attention to detail results in unique shapes, hidden pockets and contrasting cuffs.

Magda Rams, the brand’s designer & co-owner about the autumn collection: With this collection I tried to transfer the afterimage of eclipse of the sun - hence geometrical shapes, restricted palette of colours and boxy shapes. Monochromatic world that froze waiting for something mysterious to happen. Mesmerized but also a little anxious of what will follow...

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