The story about the collection Oceania

 Kids on the moon summer collection "Oceania". Pearl girl dress. Photo by Monika Lenarczyk.
Kids on the moon summer collection "Oceania". Pearl girl dress. Photo by Monika Lenarczyk.

Inspired by the depths of oceans and lunar seas the new collection from Kids on the moon is a true deep-dive. Shades of stormy waters are livened up by washed-out stripes, seaweed-inspired checks, pearly skirts and bright corals. A perfect ecosystem of the underwater life touched by the moonlight. Fashionwise the spirit of the collection is slouching towards grunge with oversized tops, layers, faded colours, checks and juxtapositions of patterns and structures. Delicate, almost ethereal and luxurious pearl dresses are great paired with a long hoodie and combat boots.

The silhouettes are loose and nonchalant whereas ombre and faded shades add an edge to overall dreamy and summery collec- tion. A gravity-defying moonjelly becomes an underwater star of OCEANIA – a delicate hand drawn illustration made by Hyshil Sander, a talented artist and fashion illustrator from Amsterdam.

Majestic and mysterious like the ocean the moonjelly is also wondrous and ever-changing, just like children. A creature of the sea as well as a cosmic creation she is a perfect companion for summer escapades.

Dress up and dress down, throw on additional layers - the styling of OCEANIA collection is inspired by lunar tides that cause sea level to rise and fall. Two-sided items add playfulness and allow instant metamorphosis while mixing and matching takes casualness and comfort dressing to an entirely different level.

Embark on a sea voyage with Kids on the moon - but be aware – though OCEANIA seems like an idyllic holiday destination - as always with Kids on the moon – the stormy clouds may be right behind you and some unknown crea- tures are waiting in the depths... What are they up to...? 

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