This autumn could stay. 

We had such a great Saturday. And the best thing is when you have one of these little darlings in your life you get so much done. I mean, you always end up with starting the morning early. So before lunch time today we ticked of the market, the gym, a walk, a coffee break, lunch and some shopping. And still the day is all there. And this autumn is so fabulous. Warm, sunny and a walk is all you need to find things to do. Like picking every little nut that falls down from the tree. Mini has a beanie from Mini Rodini and a knit from Zara. We do not have any garments from Mini Rodini but it does´t mean that we do not love the things they have:-). 


Wish you all a lovely weekend!


Samstag - Markt - Fitness Studio - Café - Mittagsessen - Shoppen - Müutze - Mini Rodini 

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